The driver appears to have fled through a window because there was no room to open the doors.
The crash left the driver in critical condition, the passenger dead.
The victim remains in critical condition at St. Luke’s Hospital, police said Wednesday.
Police are searching for a man who allegedly dragged a cop 200 feet during a traffic stop in Queens on Saturday morning.
A New Jersey family's trip to the beach briefly turned into that scene from Blues Brothers, when the drawbridge they were driving on began to rise.
An out of control driver struck two pedestrians and a car while speeding through a Queens park Saturday night, before eventually driving his van into a pond.
He also allegedly injured several other pedestrians.
The suspect, who wasn't wearing a shirt at the time, allegedly broke the car's side mirror and beat the driver with a bike lock.
He said he was headed for the Empire State Building.
"When I came on the scene, he was basically fighting with officers," one witness said.
The trial revolves around a 2012 car crash in the Bronx that resulted in the death of a 25-year-old.
When in Philly, always make sure to pay homage to "Rocky."
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