Rosemary's Greenpoint Tavern has been in the neighborhood for 55 years.
You can have a few cocktails and still go to the gym the next day, says the owner Zsolt 'George' Csonka.
What do you drink in the hot summer heat?
Step inside and learn the secrets of making your own Sour Power Straw vodka-infused cocktails! It's a living.
Don't call it a rumback... rum's been here for years.
It's an expensive addiction that has even ensnared one of America's greatest living actors: “Philip Seymour Hoffman has never gotten a hot coffee, ever. Even in the dead of winter."
It's almost hot enough to make a person eschew NYC's many lovely rooftop and waterfront spots in favor of some nice, dark over-air conditioned bars.
Five summer cocktails we can't wait to sip on.
What if what you really want is the cocktail of your nightmares? Check out the latest, terrifying-looking internet sensation: the Alien Brain Hemorrhage.
Come toast Bored To Death with Jonathan Ames, following HBO's decision to cancel it.
Scientists are developing a "stay sober" pill, designed to limit the effects of alcohol on the brain. If we weren't already ignoring the Health Department's "you're cut off" ad campaign, we certainly would be now!
Even if cocktail culture is destroying bartending, perhaps the gadget above can inspire a new bartyping trend?
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