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The shift in policy means hundreds of additional children will now be eligible for city-funded services each year, amounting to a 50% increase in the city’s annual caseloads of lead exposure.

Officials from the Passaic Valley Water Commission said the water is now safe to consume.

Federal lawmakers took a major step last month to curb toxic chemicals that have polluted the water of cities and towns across America.

'I noticed it tasted a little bit like dirt and a little metallic, almost like a penny.'

"We want to assure you that New York City's water is extraordinarily safe."

The city says the water is safe but won't say what's discoloring it.

Hurricane Sandy stirred up enough sediment in New York City's water supply to violate federal law.

The latest inquiry into the gritty realities of our new friends the fracking industry has just come out, and it brings us an important and previously-unheard lesson: energy industry officials lie!

NYC's drinking water is touted as some of the cleanest in