"SantaCon 2021: SnOmicron Cometh" is kicking off this Saturday in Midtown.
Now that the city has reopened, so too have the binge-drinking floodgates: SantaCon NYC 2021 is scheduled to happen December 11th.
New Yorkers were back at it on Saturday, drinking on the streets like the pandemic is over.
Bars and restaurants all over the city have basically reopened, as New York enters Phase SPRING BREEEAAAAK.
Around one hundred people, many of them teenagers, were hospitalized for drinking too much during a concert headlined by Chance the Rapper in Connecticut Friday night.
People born between 1991 and 2000 are throwing whiskey shots back at a 1:1 ratio.
"You make no money, and you’re poor — you’re picking on rich people."
"Having a professor watching me drink and socialize would be the opposite of relaxing."
As it is with Chocolate Babka, it's all about yeast.
Don't be the ignorant rube who flounces into Clover Club demanding all the limes—we're in the midst of a devastating lime drought, God, don't you read the newspaper?
"For every one person who is alcoholic there are about six who are problem drinkers, drinking enough to adversely affect their lives, their health, their work situation or family situation."
To add insult to red-nosed injury, the NYPD is reportedly demanding that Lower East Side bars don't serve alcohol to any participants who are wearing a Santa beard.
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