Dressler's opening chef has returned to the same Williamsburg spot with a fresh new restaurant called Meadowsweet.
The eternally popular and respected Dumont is apparently being evicted from its Williamsburg home of 12 years, following the January suicide of owner Colin Devlin.
A benefit show is being held on Friday at Union Pool for the family of longtime Williamsburg chef Colin Devlin, whose body was found in Pennsylvania last month after he apparently committed suicide.
Colin Devlin was found dead in his car Thursday afternoon from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Dressler, one of just five Michelin-starred restaurants in all of Brooklyn, abruptly closed its doors for good today.
Why take your VHS tapes out of the oven when these fine restaurants will cook Thanksgiving dinner for you?
Commerce Brunch is for assholes, as the poet on the T-shirt sings,
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