Dream act

“There aren’t many people like Marco who have such strong convictions."
The Jose Peralta New York DREAM Act aims to help undocumented students afford a college education.
Tonight, an estimated 900 undocumented students will celebrate their graduation from CUNY in a dedicated ceremony.
Undocumented students direct their protest at Senate in anticipation of April 1st budget deadline.
The Republican leader said the yacht credit "creates jobs."
Two Democrats voted against the bill.
Mayor Bloomberg said, "Smart immigration policy protects our borders while ensuring America remains the destination for all those willing to work hard and dream big."
Fed up with the federal government's inaction on behalf of undocumented youth, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has penned an impassioned editorial for the Daily News, calling for New York to lead the way on immigration reform.
Proponents for New York's education agenda say that in addition to assisting immigrants with tuition, an ideal bill would also allow them to have driver's licenses.
The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who outed himself as an illegal immigrant had his license revoked... but mainly because he's not actually living in Washington State.
Jose Antonio Vargas on ABC News This Sunday's NY Times Magazine
After numerous protests, debates and delays, the DREAM Act failed to break
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