Thirty albums from 2018 that are worth listening to.
Drake, America's favorite millennial Canadian, is coming to NYC for a bunch of shows next week.
Someone at the NYC Parks Department is a Degrassi fan.
The 2016 Song of the Summer belongs to Drake.
He's very good at playing a hapless Canadian "Black Jeopardy" contestant.
She also pitches a skit in which she spanks him like a baby.
Drake will pull double duty as host and musical guest, and Fred Armisen will be joined by musician Courtney Barnett.
You used to l'chaim on my cellphone.
A look at Summer Jam, before bottles and teargas canisters flew.
"Every detail in the catalog, every song choice, he brought a lot of joie de vivre."
The NYPD really does have a dedicated "Hip Hop Squad" that investigates and monitors rappers and other artists. But apparently, a lot of industry people are cool with all this!
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