Dr zizmor

From the lost books of Dr. Jonathan 'Subway Ads' Zizmor, a pop quiz from 1976.
Beauty, sex and diet advice for women written by Dr. Zizmor in the 1970s? Surely this aged well. Let's flip through the pages, shall we.
Gregg T. has become THE face of the MTA's "New Yorkers Keep New York Safe" safety ad campaign, and NYers can't get enough of him.
He is reportedly being sued for more than $56K in unpaid rent.
The doctor is out.
Just because he's ubiquitous in the subways doesn't mean he doesn't have Normal Wealthy People problems too—and one of those problems apparently involves his palatial estate in The Bronx.
A graphic design student at the School of Visual Arts had an aesthetic allergic reaction to the iconic Dr. Zizmor subway ads—and made the controversial decision to "redesign" them.
Audible gasps could be heard echoing throughout Gothamist HQ this morning after recent photos of Dr. Zizmor, the world's foremost subway dermatologist (accept no substitutes or imitators), caught our attention
"Zizmor turned us down," Fey said before giving her impression of Mrs. Zizmor's reaction to the suggestion. "[She] was like, ‘He’s a doctor.'"
Yesterday it was reported that the Grand Prospect Hall in Park
Earlier this year we chatted with Dr. Zizmor, the "subway dermatologist," about
Last week, an 18-year-old Belgian girl claimed that a Romanian tattoo
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