Downed trees

While the neighborhoods shattered by Hurricane Sandy are far from being back to normal, the faceless bureaucratic mechanisms of the City and the Long Island Power Authority seem to be kicking back in.
Photograph taken in Queens by Mattron on Flickr The city has
About three thousand customers are still without power after Thursday's tornados hit
What does it mean? The storm that hit on Thursday around 5:30
National Weather Service officials are all around the city looking at areas
After yesterday's huge storm rolled in and pummeled the city, especially Brooklyn,
Around 5:30 p.m., tornado warnings were issued for Brooklyn, Queen and Staten
Photograph taken in Ditmas Park by missapril1956 on Flickr Thousands of
boogaloo66 on Flickr The Nor'easter that swept in yesterday left a
In August, a sudden summer storm downed hundreds of trees across city
Photograph of knocked over planters in the Flatiron District by Promaine
Tuesday's night sudden storm damaged numerous trees, from the Upper West
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