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A WSJ reporter says, "This is an odd space for a record, you know? Unemployment is high. Wage growth is anemic. Profit growth is anemic. Economic growth is anemic."

An analyst said, "Thirteen thousand is not so very important technically as it is emotionally, simply because it is not 12,000."

"It was the first time the Dow reached the 13000 level on an intraday basis since May 20, 2008."

The stock markets ended up a very positive note today as the Federal Reserve announced it would keep interest rates down for a long time.

$8.1 trillion has been lost from global markets since July 24, in what the Times calls an "epidemic" fear among investors.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped as much as 515 points today, and has plummeted below 11000 for the first time since November of 2010.

Fear! Mini free-fall! Correction mode! Worst ever! More austerity! Today was not a good day on Wall Street.

The Dow Jones publishes The Wall Street Journal, and the paper has walked a fine line in covering the scandal.

The Dow and S&P 500 are down over 2% and the

The Dow Jones lost nearly 1,000 points (8+%) at one point