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Let's all move to Queens!
The average sale price of apartments has gone up 66 percent in the past decade. The median sales price, however, was just $837,500–factor in inflation and that is actually the lowest it has been since 2004.
Manhattan real estate sales set a record in the fourth quarter
Even though two women accused of looting apartments during open houses were
The two women arrested for allegedly robbing a number of open houses
Realtors and other open house organizers can breathe slightly easier: The police
We knew open houses were fun for some people, but they
Evidence continues to be collected and associates continue to be questioned as
Wow. Penny Crone, the love-her-or-hate-her but totally in-your-face local news reporter
Sure, there are worries about the credit market and subprime mortgage situation,
With the economy acting as though it's on a roller coaster
If the Manhattan real estate market is still a bubble, then it's
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