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Lawmakers are looking to curb the number of traffic fatalities, arguing that city control over speed cameras would make for safer streets.

The DOT said dining sheds are out, but roadway cafes are in for 2023.

There will be five presentations on outdoor dining designs, guidelines, process and goals at Borough Boards and two virtual roundtable discussions, and all will be open to the public.

This week, the City Planning Commission voted unanimously for a zoning text amendment which will create a clean slate for the city to develop and regulate a permanent outdoor dining program.

The city is launching a public engagement process to improve the designs and rules regarding permanent outdoor dining setups.

The new configuration — the bridge's first since the trolley tracks were removed in 1950 — earned mixed reviews from cyclists on its inaugural day.

Proponents of the scooters say they offer a low-cost, unintimidating travel option in an area of the city underserved by mass transit and lacking access to Citi Bike.

The number of pedestrian fatalities is up 65% in the first four months of this year, the highest total since Mayor de Blasio took office.

On Thursday afternoon, the Department of Sanitation said that 95% of bike lanes had been cleared, but that does not mean they are cleared for long, as drivers, property owners, and more plows move the snow around the streetscape.

There’s hope that with so many locals at the federal level the city might get more federal support.