After recovering from his injuries, the delivery cyclist is expected to be back at work on Thanksgiving Day, delivering pizzas.
The brutal footage was captured on Monday afternoon by a cyclist who works in the neighborhood.
Police say a man on an electric scooter suffered severe head and neck trauma after getting doored by a driver in Brooklyn early this morning.
Five cyclists have been killed in dooring incidents over the last sixteen months in NYC.
Safe streets advocates say the mayor's Vision Zero plan to end traffic injuries and fatalities "is in a state of emergency."
A Brooklyn cyclist died on Wednesday after he was launched into traffic by the opening door of a parked taxi, then fatally struck by another driver, police said.
The collision happened just before 3 p.m. on Tuesday, as the cyclist was heading northbound on 21st Street, approaching 46th Avenue.
This week's question comes from a New Yorker who acted with some courtesy and care when preparing to exit a cab, and still ended up dooring a cyclist.
A staffer from Complex claims to have witnessed Harry Wagner, managing director of the investment bank Allen & Company, "violently door" a person on a Citi Bike on Friday afternoon.
The number of tickets issued for the offense statewide have been slowly climbing, from 199 in 2011, to 209 in 2012, and 231 in 2013.
Cyclist Tskaka Cooke was killed last Saturday after striking a car door that was suddenly opened in his path on a busy road in Queens. Here's why the driver won't be charged with a crime.
"I cannot understand how a judge can change the verdict of 12 jurors. This girl did something illegal that led to my daughter’s death. To make it worse, she left the scene.”
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