'People are living in a lot of places where they shouldn't be, particularly on barrier islands.'
Regular flooding could become a fact of life for New York City and Long Island as soon as 2060 according to a new report on rising sea levels.
It was the second hottest year in the United States.
An umbrella will not save you.
The worst offenders are in... Queens.
You can just forget about all your big plans in Connecticut tonight.
As it stands now we are in for considerable temperature swings over the holiday weekend.
Parts of New York City have become enshrouded in a thick, impenetrable fog.
ICYMI: Earlier today the skies over Manhattan turned as black as a dark steer's tuckus on a moonless prairie night, and certain doom hung in the air.
An asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will be passing very close to our planet tonight. In this video, a scientist on the government payroll explains why no one should panic.
Mayor Bloomberg sought to calm worried parental units at a City
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