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Isiah Thomas (thankfully) might end up back in Detroit.
Maybe the Knicks are already tired of making the playoffs. Maybe this was a decision that was three years in the making. Either way, fans are panicked about the mere idea of Isiah Thomas returning.
Right now, every Knicks fan is thinking the same thing: is it just a matter of time until the return of Isiah Thomas?
AP Wait a minute, did hell freeze over? Because mercurial Knicks
The Knicks were the first team eliminated from the playoffs, and
The Knicks still haven't won a playoff game in ten seasons
After putting up valiant efforts in Games 1 and 2 of
Amare Stoudemire finally has a star to share Madison Square Garden with:
After offering the moon and the stars—Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson
Things have been relatively sunny in Knicksland lately: despite a comedown
The Yankees are in the playoffs, and the Jets and Giants
A December 2007 Daily News back cover The NBA is still
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