Donald trump

Aaron Mostofsky, dressed in fur pelts and a bullet proof vest, stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6
The Trump Organization and Weisselberg have been hit with charges related to a years-long tax investigation by the Manhattan district attorney’s office.
"We find that there is evidence of continuing misconduct, the underlying offense is incredibly serious, and the uncontroverted misconduct in itself will likely result in substantial permanent sanctions at the conclusion of these disciplinary proceedings."
Two of the three major Republican candidates for governor in the Garden State think Trump won the November election.
Letitia James' office informed Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg of the investigation in January, according to the NY Times.
The New York Attorney General's office had originally been involved in a civil investigation into the former president's company.
Jerome Foster has been included among a group of advisers to the president–a remarkable journey from protesting in front of the White House
The anxieties health care workers are experiencing over the increased attacks are shared by Asian American patients, too. Some have avoided medical care during the pandemic.
The order marks a deathblow to the former president's efforts to shield his financial records from an ongoing criminal investigation.
"This is a bonding moment, to see an implosion," one spectator said.
Silver, the former powerful NY Assembly Speaker, is serving a sentence for corruption.
Brian Sicknick was injured while "physically engaging with protesters," his department said. He was reportedly struck with a fire extinguisher.
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