To really sell it, they also gave our those absolutely terrible gummy pizzas to trick-or-treaters as well.
A victorious day for fair wages.
This isn't the first time the pizza chain has come under fire for failing to pay workers what they've earned.
Two teens are accused of stabbing another teen in at the Domino's Pizza in Cobble Hill on Wednesday night.
...and maybe that's for the best?
The Domino's is in East New York.
Workers at a franchise complained that the company did not give them lunch breaks, forced them to pay for their uniforms, and failed to pay them minimum wage and overtime.
The chain refused to pay delivery workers the proper wage for extra hours spent working in the restaurant's kitchen; workers who spoke up were then fired.
Bey's very specific in the lawsuit as to what his parents should do to make up for their neglect: mortgage their Bed-Stuy brownstone in order to "purchase two cost effective franchises such as Domino's Pizza."
It's pleasing to the eye, but like a lot of superficial beauty, a dark void lurks beneath.
Domino's just made a whole lot of friends in the Celiac's disease community.
Finally, a chance to play a video game and order unhealthy fast food at the same time!
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