Domino sugar factory

The giant residential building now has two exciting new restaurant tenants: Clinton Hill's Mekelburg's and Missy Robbins of Lilia.
The new rental building at 325 Kent Avenue will be ready in July; studios start at just under $2500.
Apply for an affordable apartment at the Domino Sugar Factory? Good news, you've got a .11 percent chance of winning!
A 59-year-old man fell to his death at the sprawling Domino construction site on Williamsburg's Southside this morning.
A jovial Walker reveals that "it's the most fun I've had making art since kindergarten."
A teaser video has been released for Walker's large-scale installation coming in May.
The Domino Sugar Factory won't remain a hollowed-out building carcass for eternity after all, with Mayor de Blasio having successfully brokered a deal with Two Trees head Jed Walentas.
The Domino Sugar Factory has hit yet another obstacle: Mayor de Blasio.
Meanwhile, the Bloomberg administration is rushing to solidify more than $12 billion in real estate projects.
Creative Time held an event honoring artist Julian Schnabel, granting visitors a peek inside the long-shuttered factory.
Two Trees Management has a history of hiring shady contractors to remove asbestos, and a local union thinks the company is doing it again.
Last month an impromptu group of "urban explorers" infiltrated the abandoned and very-much-off limits Domino Sugar Refinery on the East River in Williamsburg. Here's what they found.
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