Dominican republic

"Most people initially thought that it was food poisoning. It was basically—it was crippling diarrhea."
"The maid opened the door, screamed, slammed the door. My brother is on the floor dead between his room and the bathroom."
"I have a right to be suspicious," Leyla Cox's son said.
The couple were reportedly running late and may have been speeding in an effort to make their flight.
Dominican Police believe the couple drove off the road to the airport and crashed their rental car into the ocean.
Orlando Moore and Portia Ravenelle checked out of their hotel, but never made it onto their flight back to Newark.
Or maybe it's really a liberal government conspiracy to get Hillary elected?
Mayor Bill de Blasio was not received warmly at this weekend's Dominican Day Parade.
New York City's famous branded condoms–available for free in a pharmacy near you—are being smuggled and sold at pharmacies in the Dominican Republic.
A 28-year-old Bronx woman died in the Dominican Republic while getting a tummy tuck and liposuction procedure at a clinic in the capital city of Santo Domingo.
The defendant had traveled from the Dominican Republic.
The front page of today's Daily News is devoted to "hero cop" Anibal Mercado, who saved a plane full of Jet Blue passengers from... a rowdy drunk guy on a flight from the Dominican Republic.
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