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A big voting day comes amid unrest among Council staffers over the end of remote work.

A New York law gives domestic violence survivors a chance to leave prison early if they can show that they committed crimes largely because of the abuse they endured.

A 20-year-old woman was shot and killed while pushing a 3-month-old baby.

The pandemic exacerbated dangers for survivors of domestic abuse

“We need to be snitching about who needs help. We need to be snitching about who’s not feeling well.”

Self-defense laws require that a person have a reasonable belief that they face imminent death or serious bodily harm and use a similar level of force. But in domestic violence cases, the context spans not only the immediacy of the moment, but the course of the relationship.

He still has his job, but has been suspended without pay since March.

"They may be dependent on the abuser for financial support. They may be undocumented and fear of deportation and they want to control their lives."

"We’re seeing circumstances of survivors sheltering in place with abusers and finding it exceptionally difficult to get help and assistance."

"The reality is that abuse victims are often closely surveilled by their abuser."