Domestic dispute

Xicay allegedly asked her to speak in private and said “I’m going to kill you" moments before stabbing her.
Police believe the woman was killed by her estranged husband, who then used the knife to kill himself.
However, a police report depicts a tense scene between Simon and Brickell on the night of their arrests.
A 34-year-old Yale professor was found dead in his jail cell on Sunday, just hours after he was arrested for attacking police officers following a dispute with his estranged husband.
A former cop was convicted yesterday of shooting her then girlfriend in the shoulder and leg. Now she faces up to 25 years behind bars.
At least we got an answer to that age old joke: how many hoarders does it take to beat up a senior citizen Jewish comedian?
Apparently he and his ex had fights before where the police were called.
According to separate reports, investigators are suspecting both a violent domestic
An NYPD officer has been suspended without pay after being charged
A teenager in The Bronx yesterday was arrested after stabbing his
A doctor who practiced in The Bronx was the only one
Officer Rodney Lewis Officer Rodney Lewis and his partner Mark Bublin
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