Domestic abuse

Records show that the Civilian Complaint Review Board has investigated eight separate complaints of misconduct against Vite since 2009.
"The reality is that abuse victims are often closely surveilled by their abuser."
The victim was hospitalized with swelling and bruising.
Brown has called the incident related to his arrest "just a moment" and the Giants had supported him.
The woman was treated for bruises and swelling at a local hospital.
His high school jersey was still on display as of yesterday morning.
He was apparently upset about a domestic abuse investigation.
Officers must now run criminal checks on domestic abuse victims. And if they have any warrants, even for unpaid tickets, a police source says "you have no choice but to lock them up."
His wife says he's a bully.
She wrote on her Facebook profile, "I am a living, breathing contradiction."
The woman confessed at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.
The Daily News also says that Morrison had affairs with coworkers at WNBC; Morrison refused to comment, "So unless you want to talk about the Bruins or the Grateful Dead, I’m done bro."
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