"Up against the Manhattan skyline, it was like my brain couldn’t put the two together."
A pleasant Saturday afternoon at Rockaway Beach descended into confusion, chaos, and a cacophony of whistles when lifeguards alerted beachgoers about a possible shark sighting.
Along with turtles, sharks, birds and other marine life caught up in gigantic, indiscriminate trawl nets.
The Miami Dolphins football player who was suspended this week for allegedly harassing and bullying one of his teammates spoke today for the first time since the scandal broke.
Bottlenose dolphins are washing up on mid-Atlantic beaches in staggering numbers this summer.
Researchers say they would love to find out why there are so many dead dolphins popping up on New York shores, but unfortunately, they just don't have the funds.
Members of North Brooklyn Boat Club confirmed there are TWO dolphins currently hanging in the East River. Like a lot of Manhattan residents, the bottlenosed dolphin from the Upper East Side has moved to Greenpoint.
Lo and behold, avid amateur photographer Richard Simon sent us the above photos of more whales, and a dolphin pod, which he spotted earlier this summer.
The three-foot long carcass of a baby dolphin was discovered on the Queens shoreline Sunday, and wildlife experts say the dead cetacean could be linked to a mass stranding off the Cape Cod coast.
More dolphins have beached themselves on the shores of Cape Cod in the past three weeks than typically beach in an entire year, and marine biologists have no idea why.
If the Jets can't beat the Dolphins, they may want to think about next season.
Just like Kenny Loggins, we've been keeping the fire burning bright, waiting for the dolphins to return to our shores. And today is our lucky day!
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