The annual return of these aquatic mammals to the city’s harbor could signify improvements in coastal water quality and bring a renewed commitment to protecting local wildlife even in urban areas.
The wayward dolphin of Coney Island Creek has swum back to the safety of the ocean, police say.
Police and harbor patrol are trying to rescue a dolphin who is stuck in a creek in Brooklyn.
The causes might be commercial fishing, boats or just nature.
You can see a video of the subsequent rescue—which included Riverhead Foundation members loading the dolphin onto a stretcher for transport—below.
Members of North Brooklyn Boat Club confirmed there are TWO dolphins currently hanging in the East River. Like a lot of Manhattan residents, the bottlenosed dolphin from the Upper East Side has moved to Greenpoint.
A dolphin was spotted in distress on the other side of the East River, near Astoria, Queens today, but Riverhead isn't worried.
Despite it being a highly unusual place for a dolphin to end up, the Riverhead Foundation maintain that the dolphin doesn't appear to be injured, though there is still some cause for concern.
According to various witnesses, a dolphin has been spotted in the East River near 96th Street.
"The dolphin was discovered on the shore by Boy Scouts during their Klondike derby, then reported to the police and animal patrol after a representative at the local aquarium evaluated it."
A necropsy indicates that the dolphin who died in the Gowanus Canal Friday night had serious health problems that had nothing to do with the toxic water at the Superfund site.
Rescuers defended their decision to not intervene: "If it's not going to make it through the next tide cycle, it's an animal that's completely compromised," said Riverhead Foundation director Robert DiGiovanni.
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