The facility, best known as the site of Jeffrey Epstein's suicide, could shutter as early as October.
According to the complaint, Cahill had a "longstanding demand that [the non-union employer" purchase and install an ice machine" in his home.
While the threat was immediately ridiculed by elected officials and New Yorkers, local police union leaders applauded the president's legally dubious threat.
The Manhattan district attorney's office is reportedly reviving an investigation into illegal hush-money payments made by the Trump Organization to multiple women during Donald Trump's presidential campaign.
Instead of intervening to protect those incarcerated at the jail, the warden at M.D.C., Herman Quay, lied about the extent of the crisis, while downplaying long-standing issues at the facility, attorneys said.
The Department of Justice appears to be abandoning its effort to deport Pablo Villavicencio.
The Department of Justice is attempting to reverse the court decision that freed Pablo Villavicencio.
According to police reform experts and advocates, the announcement amounts to little more than political theater.
Federal immigration authorities halted some operations at the ICE facility, including all bond hearings scheduled for Monday at the Varick Street Immigration Court.
Two were lieutenants tasked with training other guards on how to prevent sexual assault.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions just issued a major update to the Department of Justice's criminal charging policy, one that has some New York official and advocates concerned that the War on Drugs may be returning.
And it wasn't isolated to Brooklyn—it was citywide, he alleges in a new legal filing.
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