The city's top information services official said she was "poised to take any and all necessary action against these multiple breaches of contract to collect the money the city is owed."
The DoITT is starting with the pay phones in Hell's Kitchen this month, and will likely remove all remaining pay phones they operate in the city soon after.
Everything is fine.
A third of the city's households still don't have access to Fios, despite a promise made under Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Work-at-home shut-ins take note: the rent's probably cheaper out there.
Type in an address and you can see the locations of all reported felonies nearby for all months from January 2012 to October 2013, or you can see how felonies stack up by precinct.
Ten locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens are part of the pilot program.
The commissioner of the city's Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Mayor Bloomberg with DoITT Commissioner Carole Post (DoITT) The newly appointed
Earlier this summer, the city announced a contest—"NYC Big Apps"—to encourage
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