So far, critics have been most appalled by the mayor's use of security during his presidential campaign, which cost taxpayers roughly $320,000.
The 47-page report found that city taxpayers spent roughly $320,000 on the mayor’s security expenses during his 2019 White House bid.
A city commissioner says her agency is guilty of a "dereliction" of responsibility.
"What about the tens of thousands of yeshiva students who continued to be denied a secular education, as a deal between the mayor and the yeshivas?"
The NYPD rejected more than a third of the reforms pushed by its own Inspector General's Office last year.
'When I informed the Mayor that DOI was obligated to make its findings public he yelled at me, accused me of trying to bring his administration down,' Peters said.
He was in charge of internal investigations, including ones aimed at rooting out misconduct.
Several revelations in recent weeks raised questions about his competence and integrity.
The Department of Investigation alleges that Correction Department staffers listened in on investigators' calls with jail informants.
NYPD dispatchers don't have a system for connecting specially-trained officers to civilians in mental crisis.
The old cash in the envelope routine.
City Hall is calling the latest data dump "above our legal obligation."
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