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A months-old conversation about N95 masks is now being used as a reason to fire the city's top health official in the middle of a pandemic.

Health inspectors will now be authorized to look for CBD food-and-beverage products as part of routine food safety inspections.

After June 30th, embargoed food and drink products 'will have to be returned to the supplier or discarded.'

'Why are inspectors who have no idea what they're talking about, why are they going into restaurants and embargoing products they don't understand?'

The radio station, housed in a shipping container, broadcasts around the world and has an open-air space where listeners can have a beer and listen to music. Despite the DOH action, it's still livestreaming.

"This finding is deeply concerning," City Councilmember Steve Levin said.

They were also forced to shut down their backyard bar taps and cease their popular food vendor program.

According to a DOH spokesperson, the tavern had a "severe pest infestation (rats, roaches and flies), food out of temperature and the presence of sewage water in a food preparation area, among other violations."

Two bills on the state and city level would require health inspections for food trucks and carts to be publicly posted.