"He's definitely shaken up and nervous, and seems like he can barely believe he's home."
"All I want is for him to be home. I don't really care why they took him, I just want him back."
And actress Olivia Munn, who happens to be a creative strategist for Wag, is on the case!
Not cool.
Cockaliers are crosses between a Cocker Spaniel and a Cavalier King Charles Springer.
Video shows the suspect reaching into the pet shop's display case and taking the dog.
"Who comes to a shop and buys flowers and steals a dog? It's like stealing a kid."
The dogsitter stopped in to buy some chocolate.
The Post claims that police have found 'inconsistencies' in 29-year-old Lora Panossian's story.
Ginger is described as a blonde cocker spaniel weighing about 25 pounds and donning a yellow and green Star Wars collar with Yoda on it.
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