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The private group, Dog Owners of Tribeca, had been charging $120/year for access to a small dog run on Warren Street.

Of course the dogs in TriBeCa are getting a fancy dog run that includes amenities like "a dog-sized drinking fountain and gray-blue pavement designed to appear vibrant blue through a dog's color-blind eyes."

The brand-new East River Esplanade dog run is turning into one giant toilet, say area pet owners.

The small pups at the Hudson River Park dog run are getting bullied by the bigger dogs, and their owners are stepping in to fight their fight.

Yesterday we learned that dog owners are packing heat (okay, knives

It's back to the Bad Old Days in Tompkins Square Park,

Dog owners are speaking out against the egger who—in lieu of

courtesy For nearly two months now pooch owners at a

Photo via E-Bad's Flickr The dog owners of the outer boroughs