Dog poop

One official says dog owners "must remove feces" and carry it "for disposal in a toilet, or placed out with their own trash." Our reporting reveals it's not a rule, but it is a suggestion!
The residents of South Oxford Street in Fort Greene are tired of being surrounded by careless dog owners and their pet's foul gifts, and have decided to take action against it.
The Department of Transportation is attempting to ease the amount of eye-pollution plaguing the city by pulling down worn-out signage urging people to pick up after their pets.
CitiBike still has a week left to launch, but one of its shiny new docking stations is already sporting a nice little turd surprise.
Lives are being systematically destroyed by people who simply refuse to pick up after their pets.
According to a lawsuit, she was "verbally and physically assaulted" by a Department of Transportation who also "continued to punch, choke, strangle, assault, batter, beat and terrorize" her and "tore off her clothes."
The recent trend of discussing the proliferation of Harlem dog crap has uncovered the work of a woman who patrols the neighborhood with her beagle and picking up animal waste.
Dog DNA is being used to find those who don't clean up after their dogs.
Jamie Sanchez There's been some back and forth regarding the case
Jamie Sanchez Long Island resident Barbara Bottiglieri is traumatized after a
Jamie Sanchez We've had a few instances of people throwing dog
The NYPD Internal Affairs and the Queens District Attorney's office are
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