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The Miami Heat began field tests with the detection dogs this week. An infectious disease researcher breaks down whether they work.

Backstage at Westminster, the fierce competition gave way to utterly polite chaos, soundtracked by a symphony of hair dryers.

Did you catch a whiff of grooming spray emanating from Midtown this weekend?

Daiki apparently broke free from her leash and dashed out onto the busy six lane FDR Drive.

"He's definitely shaken up and nervous, and seems like he can barely believe he's home."

"All I want is for him to be home. I don't really care why they took him, I just want him back."

'If one of your fellow writers told you a dog fell though your roof, would you believe them?'

'So first off, I'm not expecting anyone to believe this. I saw it in person and I'm not sure I believe it myself.'