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The legislation would cap the number of students in school classrooms at 20 to 25, depending on grade level. Mayor Eric Adams has called it an unfunded mandate that will come at the cost of other school programs.

A WNYC/Gothamist investigation discovered that the Department of Education got those devices for a bargain after the supplier lobbied the city.

Enrollment in public schools was 1,002,000 in the mostly pre-pandemic 2019-2020 school year.

While engineers have called windows a less reliable source of ventilation because they depend on fickle weather conditions, city officials argue they are not only adequate but sometimes more effective than an HVAC system.

If too many parents decline, some critics worry that the testing pool will be too limited to detect cases and catch outbreaks as they boil over.

Department of Education surveys say these classrooms rely exclusively on functioning windows—a lower standard than what would be expected to prevent airborne transmission of the coronavirus indoors.

New York City's Department of Education is reporting the majority of its classrooms’ ventilation systems are working as designed. But that leaves hundreds of classrooms and whole buildings still under repair.

Following new guidance on social distancing, the city offered families one more chance to opt-in this year

The city has decided to fully fund schools directly under a formula that was long shortchanged.

Federal stimulus money could be transformative for New York City’s public school system. But it’s not clear exactly how much money is coming or when.