Doctor who

Will the Doctor have a potty mouth?
NYC! Talking space snow! Gorgeous orchestrations! Sonic screwdrivers! Even if you don't know a Dalek from a Tom Baker you'll be charmed by "How The Doctor Saved Christmas"
If you've never taken a trip on the Doctor's time-traveling TARDIS, well, now you've got something to do after the presents are opened that doesn't involve slave bounty hunters or singing revolutionaries.
What happens when a Doctor Who puppet travels in NYC?
Have you seen this man? With a strange blue box? We ask because—deep breath, geeks, deep breath—Doctor Who is currently filming in New York City!
Alex Kingston, Arthur Darvill, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan on the
Fans on line for the Doctor Who sneak peek (WaitingForTheDoctor). A
If you are looking for some good television (you know, the kind
A look at some noteworthy television this week: Gefilte Fish Chronicles (Sunday,
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