“There are people in New York who’ve been in solitary for fifteen, twenty, even thirty years."
A state directive sent about the use of the drug tests suggests that officials knew their practices were not based on the highest possible scientific standards.
There are currently 5,334 people ages 55 and over in the state’s prisons, who are at a higher risk of death if they contract COVID-19.
"New York's entire parole system is drawing in black and brown people at a wildly disparate rate."
“Everywhere you go, you're locked up in a bullpen, you have to have permission to go to the bathroom, one at a time. Then you're in a big yard, you don't have access. People are coughing on you, and whenever you touch something you know lots of people have touched it too.”
Nicholas Feliciano was being held for over a month without seeing a judge or being given a chance to apply for bail. He didn't even have a lawyer.
'They are forcing parole violators to make the choice between keeping their lifesaving medication or going to prison for a lengthy sentence.'
Eighteen advocates are going on a hunger strike to force the issue.
They're hoping to turn this into a class action lawsuit for all current and future inmates of the three facilities named.
The NYCLU released a report today on the effects of solitary confinement on prisoners in state jails, finding the use of extreme isolation a harmful, arbitrary and unjustified practice.
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