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Following New York’s repeal of 50-a law barring release of uniformed officer personnel records, Department of Correction files show 11 officers were disciplined for at least three confirmed misconduct incidents over an 18-month period.

"He would’ve been out before Christmas. He’s still there, he’s still waiting. He calls me every day and I tell him, listen, 'We're waiting for the website to be up.'"

"Although the decrease in the population was extremely positive on the macro-level, it did little to change the conditions of the confinement in the jails—the use of force rate remains unacceptably high," a new report says.

The 18-year-old detainee was taken to a nearby hospital and placed in a medically induced coma, and is reportedly now on a respirator with no brain activity.

Attorneys called the practice 'a clear end run around crucial protections designed to limit New Yorkers' contact with solitary confinement.'

"Layleen Polanco's passing further underscores the dangers of solitary confinement, which isolates already medically fragile people from observation and care."

According to the criminal complaint, police officers observed Dauo with 'filled clothing." (The clothing was filled with pee.)

'When I informed the Mayor that DOI was obligated to make its findings public he yelled at me, accused me of trying to bring his administration down,' Peters said.

He says he didn't find out until a jail chaplain paid his bail.

A new report by the Mayor's Office outlines the "long and difficult path" to closing the jail complex.