Do the right thing

The classic, Oscar-nominated movie by Spike Lee is set in Brooklyn on the hottest day of the year.
'Do the Right Thing' — and an interaction with its filmmaker — forever changed me.
This year's event was a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Lee's classic film 'Do The Right Thing,' taking place on one of the very blocks where the movie was shot in Bed-Stuy.
Nunn's death was first announced by Spike Lee.
With a strange-looking mustachioed Billy Crudup as Mookie.
The screening is in memory of Eric Garner and Akai Gurley.
Also, Clifton from the movie was probably one of Bed-Stuy's first gentrifiers.
Dave Chappelle, Wesley Snipes, and more stopped by Bed-Stuy Saturday to join Spike Lee in celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Do The Right Thing" at a giant summer block party.
The Obamas reminisced on seeing Lee's 1989 film on their "first official date."
He refused to talk about gentrification at this morning's press conference... sort of.
The actress and activist died at her home in New Rochelle.
"I'm sure its directly connected with the remarks he made."
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