Do or dine

"It's like Luckydog fucked Rocka Rolla and this is their bastard child," owner Bill Mack said.
The eatery offered no explanation behind the closure other than a reference to money.
Carnivores and vegans, dining together.
if you're not fleeing the urban jungle for the beach, there are a few food-related fests happening around town this weekend.
Five mouthwatering ramps dishes, from fried to au gratin, being served in NYC right now.
The Pescabrat is a "bratwurst" of salmon and scallops resting on a Martin's potato roll, with a squiggle of coarse-grained mustard. Simple.
Brooklyn restaurant Do Or Dine created this Miami Openface Sandwich, asking if it might be "too soon" after the horrifying incident where Rudy Eugene ate a man's face in Miami. So, too soon?
Still looking for a way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Well, if our previous suggestions didn't pique your interest, perhaps free artisanal mayo will do the trick?
A little organ meat and an entire Cornish hen with your waffles?
The restaurant that brought you foie-gras filled doughnuts wants to get you drunk off of whiskey and spherical orbs of picklejuice.
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