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"It will continue to grow as an unregulated DNA index filled with the predominantly Black and brown victims of genetic stop-and-frisk."

The decision matters because defendants today are still facing FST evidence in years-old cases.

New York City permanently stores suspects' DNA profiles in a local database, even if they are later found not guilty.

His lawyer argues he was convicted with bunk DNA evidence to protect a politically connected neighborhood patrol.

Joseph Giardala was indicted last year after he was arrested for an unrelated incident in Florida and his DNA matched the profile for the 1995 rapist.

"What are the chances that the killer came in contact with this chain and left his DNA on it all these years later?"

Heyward's victims gave statements before the sentencing, and that Heyward received one sentence of 200 years to life, along with a consecutive sentence of 228 years.

Yesterday, a convicted Virginia drug dealer was sentenced for 20 years for raping a 16-year-old girl on the Lower East Side in 1993.

A former Manhattan model set fire to her New Jersey home