The defendant completely denies the allegations, according to his lawyer.
His DNA was entered into the state database after a 2007 money laundering conviction.
Joseph Giardala was indicted last year after he was arrested for an unrelated incident in Florida and his DNA matched the profile for the 1995 rapist.
The modern world is a marvel.
Over 100,000 people are actively missing nationwide, and last year 13,000 went missing from New York City alone.
Forensic analysis has uncovered the presence of female DNA on bomb shards recovered from the deadly terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon earlier this month.
The rapist wasn't arrested until 2011, when his DNA was entered for an unrelated conviction—and it matched DNA evidence from the 2008 attack.
The NYC Medical Examiner's Office is reviewing more than 800 rape cases after discovering that an error-prone lab technician botched an untold number of DNA investigations.
Science says maybe Bigfoot IS REAL!
The murder suspect was finally arrested thanks to a hit on the state DNA datebase.
"What are the chances that the killer came in contact with this chain and left his DNA on it all these years later?"
A forensics expert says, "This is a major clue in this investigation and could break the case."
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