The change is part of the Gender Recognition Act, which was passed last year.
An Erie County clerk had sued the state over the law, saying it would make him personally liable for violating U.S. immigration policy. Judges pointed out his role in issuing driver's licenses was "purely ministerial."
"It’s demeaning to be forced to carry identity documentation that is inconsistent with my identity."
Homeland Security officials blame New York DMV's immigrant-friendly laws for impeding ICE's criminal investigations.
Democracy is a messy thing.
'You can't reform the system while treating prisoners like slaves and paying slave wages.'
There's almost no mention of cyclists in the New York DMV's official curriculum for new drivers.
Unless you want to carry your passport next time.
"I think it's super important that the judge saw that it was very possible that this driver was not obeying the law," the victim's mother said.
The judge reportedly relied on an inaccurate police report for a hearing on the driver's dangerousness.
"It's the worst I've ever seen," a lawyer focused on cyclist advocacy tells us.
Don't selfie and drive.
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