Brandon Stanton says his website's audience has "stepped up to raise the $75K shortfall between DKNY's $25K donation and the full $100K requested."
[UPDATED, 3:15 p.m.] When a photographer declined DKNY's offer, he says they went ahead and used his photos anyway, without credit or compensation.
Last night's Fashion's Night Out wasn't just about free food and wild mobs, there were also puppets posing with sexy firefighters, of course!
This coming Monday, fashion designer Donna Karan is hosting a fundraiser
A fashion designer who worked for high-end coat company S. Rothschild
Photograph by Bowery Boogie A piece of Soho advertising that had
"We have to make bicycling fun and elegant, which it is not
Is Donna Karan still based out of New York... or The
Photograph by wallyg on Flickr Earlier this year, six-floor 600 Broadway,
Continuing their misguided and terribly executed orange bike campaign, DKNY has infiltrated
Photo: Claire Houston Curious about the fate of all those orange bikes
The orange bicycle DKNY.Com Guerilla marketing scheme, by Rollingrck at Flickr.
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