Since issuing a report on the subject in 2014, UCLA’s Civil Rights Project found many of the city’s schools grew much less diverse.
More than a third of all criminal defendants on Long Island are Black Men but the people prosecuting their cases are overwhelmingly white.
Marijuana legalization in other states often excluded those with black market experience and disproportionately left out people of color. Could New York break the legacy?
You might listen to a man in deep eastern Queens tell a story about his childhood in his native Amuzgo, or read about how 3,000 German refugees speaking Palatine German were stranded on Governors Island in 1710.
"Over and over, we heard about the 'dehumanizing' and 'demeaning cattle-call culture' in these high-volume courts."
Barnes & Noble scrapped its tone-deaf plans to celebrate Black History Month with a campaign that rendered classic literature characters as black on newly redesigned book covers.
Effectively, the group recommends eliminating lower school admissions based on grades, test scores, attendance, and auditions.
New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza brushed off criticism from a group of local lawmakers, calling it 'a distraction.'
Over the past month, unhappy parents from this swath of brownstone Brooklyn have been lighting up local listservs with concerns about their assigned schools and questions about the process.
A new report by the Department of Education working group focused on improving student diversity is calling for new measures to address school segregation in New York City’s public school system.
'The fact of the matter is New York City is one of the most diverse places on Earth. But our school teachers, our school staff, our school administration do not represent the diversity as a whole.'
The meetings came less than a month after video of a white parent's opposition to the plan sparked viral controversy.
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