Dive bars

This is the first time the bar will be open since the death of its longtime owner and namesake, Jimmy Glenn, who died of COVID-19 in May 2020.
The shutter has nothing to do with a rapacious landlord; rather, the tastes of the neighborhood have changed.
Midtown's best dive bar is closed, and the neighborhood is all the worse for it.
The Drift may earn its status as a dive through design and attitude rather than time-worn decrepitude, but the food's so good you're not going to get cynical about it.
The bar began life in 1933 and has been owned by the same family since then.
Here are the divey-ist dives in town.
The iconic dive opens in its new 2nd Avenue digs on Friday.
Old Carriage Inn, a dank, smelly hole of a dive, has been seized by the state for failing to pay its taxes.
They'll be setting up shop right across from the Roosevelt Island Tram.
So it goes.
Please God just let us keep one. good. thing.
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