Dive bar

An overflow crowd of patrons and musicians turned up at the popular Christopher Street dive bar, which was forced to close because of lost revenue during the pandemic.
The punk rock bar had been in the neighborhood for 20 years.
Welcome to WHAT'S THAT THING YOU LIKE TO ORDER AT THAT PLACE?, a new series from Gothamist where we will share with you the best thing to eat at that place we frequent or just ended up at that one time.
The Abbey's last night will be February 28th. That's tonight!
Rosemary's Greenpoint Tavern has been in the neighborhood for 55 years.
The nearly 30-year-old bar closed two years ago and was replaced by a trendy new SoCal restaurant.
The owner of nearby Metrpolitan has taken over the bar, which will reopen as a gay bar.
Once upon a time, the East Village dive served the likes of Leon Trotsky and Allen Ginsburg.
This is why we can't have not nice things.
The mechanical bull rides end tonight.
Pour one out for a place that sold delicious rice balls just feet from a fetid restroom.
"The porn is awesome!" declares one Yelp reviewer.
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