Ditmas park

"We'll bring some snacks and just sit in front of the Halloween house," one fan told Gothamist.
"This is also the first year we've gotten notes and cards slipped in the mail slot thanking us, and saying things like, 'This is exactly what we needed this year.'"
Of all the amazing, intense and over-the-top Halloween displays in the city, this one may be the best.
At 415 East 16th Street, a 54-unit rent-stabilized apartment building in Ditmas Park, a landlord recently installed a large sign with a list of 10 etiquette rules evocative of the Ten Commandments.
'When Halloween's over I have to take down all that crap and carry back into the basement.'
They were also forced to shut down their backyard bar taps and cease their popular food vendor program.
The Invention of Brownstone Brooklyn chronicles the invention of neighborhood names like Boerum Hill and the beginning of the white middle-class search for authenticity in the city.
They can't call it a Garbage Plate because that name is copyrighted, but you know the deal. Also: 50 different milkshake flavors starring Perry's ice cream.
He allegedly confessed to police, "I cut her because she was white."
Sources told the Post that Alfred wanted to cut white people because "he blamed them and 'the system' for preventing him from freely smoking weed."
A kitchen knife with a black handle and an American flag bandana were recovered at the scene.
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