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"As much as we are heartbroken about our restaurant, structures can be repaired while people cannot."

With newer, food-centric businesses joining area mainstays, this stretch of Ditmars Boulevard in Astoria has become destination dining.

The MTA made the change after its technicians noted that the sound increased the "normal" level of ambient noise in the area by a full 10 decibels.

aboutmattlaw took this great photograph at the Ditmars Boulevard subway station

Holy Tornado, Brooklyn! Reader Jeanne just emailed us with this observation:

A dispatch from the field - the Ditmars Boulevard field, that

The intersection of 94th Street and Ditmars Boulevard in Queens became the

On Friday, a 16 year old girl was arrested for attempting to

Mayor Bloomberg finally made his way to Astoria yesterday to be

There used to be a bakery on 31st Avenue between 34th and