District attorneys

The release comes after months of Gothamist/WNYC reporting on the secret lists.
DAs use these lists to alert their prosecutors to potential problems with police witnesses. A civil liberties attorney calls them a 'public scandal.'
Eric Gonzalez expects to vacate at least 20,000 misdemeanor weed convictions.
New York became the first state in the country on Monday to establish an independent commission with the power to investigate misconduct by state prosecutors.
Staten Island DA Michael McMahon said the move "sends the wrong message."
Some District Attorneys have pledged to prosecute fewer NYers for fare evasion.
The Governor's Office and prominent legal activists touted the reform as a protection against wrongful prosecution, but a leading public defender called it "a mess."
Black defendants are being convicted and sentenced at more than twice the rate as white defendants, an analysis found.
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