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The former councilmember was reportedly questioned by prosecutors regarding an illegal gambling ring.

Currently, more than 4,400 people are being held on Rikers Island and in other city jails pre-trial, mostly due to bails they are unable to post.

A progressive group that has put its weight behind left-leaning prosecutors nationwide is backing Alvin Bragg, a more centrist former prosecutor, in the heated race for Manhattan DA.

The debate revealed a fissure among candidates campaigning as more traditional prosecutors and those lobbying for more radical reform.

The crowded race for Manhattan District Attorney is increasingly defined by what the candidates say they won’t prosecute, rather than what they will.

The 824 misconduct findings from Staten Island reflect a department that frequently declines to issue the toughest punishments for offenses that the NYPD now says it takes seriously.

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance is likely stepping down at the end of the year, leaving a wide-open field for candidates vying for one of the most influential jobs in law enforcement in the country.

The trove of documents contains hundreds of letters, previously sent to defense attorneys, outlining misconduct findings and allegations made against police witnesses going back decades.

The Manhattan district attorney's office is reportedly reviving an investigation into illegal hush-money payments made by the Trump Organization to multiple women during Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

The guards allegedly ignored protocol, making visitors to the Manhattan Detention Complex strip down so they could be searched contraband.