The museum was the backdrop of a protest against the museum’s board co-chair Jonathan Chu, a prominent Chinatown landlord who is being blamed for the closure of a beloved dim sum restaurant and the loss of jobs.
"The resilience of the community has been amazing."
A study on two Brooklyn rezonings comes as fair housing advocates prepare to lobby for City Council legislation that would force the city to perform a racial impact study as part of its rezoning process.
"We are not hipsters. We are conscious citizens of the world," challenged one Industry City tenant.
We spoke to the editor of new book on the impact of government planning and housing policies on urban communities of color.
The map, which was created by mining several public databases, grades buildings based on three key "risk factors" for steep rent increases.
A congressional candidate wants to help tenants in designated zones buy their apartments away from their predatory landlords.
On Ditmars Street and Myrtle Avenue near the Myrtle J/M/Z.
Excavation was underway at a building that had previously been cited for illegal work.
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